Author: Christopher Mackay

Don’t conflate a user’s language choice, nationality, & current location

Summary — Expecting users to select a national flag icon to choose a language, or cleverly detecting their computer’s language settings or current location and presuming either reflects their language preference is lazy thinking. I wish website designers would stop using nations’ flags to represent websites’ language. Countries are not monolingual — even if it’s… Read more »

What is design? (voicemail fail edition)

I was talking to a client on the phone earlier today who told me that the last time they called (and I hadn’t been able to answer), my provider played a recorded message to the effect that “the number they’d called was not in service” or that my number “does not exist in the system”… Read more »

It’s yours — own it

Anything you post on a 3rd-party platform — like Huffington Post, Medium, Facebook, wherever — should be published on your own platform, too.


Skeleton key security

Nearly 40 years ago, my family moved to a typical Maritime neighbourhood. Something that stands out in my memory (aside from the nightmarish floral-print wallpaper in my bedroom), was that my bedroom door and the bathroom door each had skeleton keys in their locks. I’d only seen skeleton keys in movies before. It wasn’t long… Read more »

Google Analytics has been removed

I’ve been considering doing this for a while. The controversy surrounding Apple’s decision to enable third-party ad blockers in iOS 9 made me think more about the underlying tracking that (to me) represents one of the most objectionable elements of online advertising. As a result, I have removed Google Analytics from this site.