Author: Christopher Mackay

Use your website to respond to the Coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak

Summary — People need to know whether — and how — your business has been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic and your website is the best, most-authoritative, centralized place to do it. • Social media can be useful, too, but its strengths, priorities, and incentives are very different from yours. • As an added bonus,… Read more »

Don’t conflate a user’s language choice, nationality, & current location

Summary — Expecting users to select a national flag icon to choose a language, or cleverly detecting their computer’s language settings or current location and presuming either reflects their language preference is lazy thinking. I wish website designers would stop using nations’ flags to represent websites’ language. Countries are not monolingual — even if it’s… Read more »

Website redesign for 2020

A redesign of this website has been launched at the start of the decade. While the site hadn’t seen a wholesale refresh since 2013, it wasn’t updated purely for the sake of looking new. Issues had cropped up with the mobile navigation (which used a technique that had never been deployed on any clients’ websites)… Read more »

New post: A note on SEO

Because I’ve gotten so many questions about this, I’ve finally decided to take the time to write up my thoughts on the fear-mongering spam email messages website owners often receive. A note on search engine rankings and optimization (SEO)

What is design? (voicemail fail edition)

I was talking to a client on the phone earlier today who told me that the last time they called (and I hadn’t been able to answer), my provider played a recorded message to the effect that “the number they’d called was not in service” or that my number “does not exist in the system”… Read more »