Quotation/foot/inch marks & apostrophes

Quotation marks are for quotations

As with underlining, quotation marks are not to be used for emphasis; they are used when quoting someone, using the q or blockquote tags or — sparingly — to show irony.

(Irony- or scare-quotes won’t be marked-up in HTML as quotes. Italics are preferred over quotation marks in non-quotation situations.)

Smart quotes

Word processors’ smart quotes settings have saved us from the embarrassment of inappropriately using non-curly single- ( & ) and double-quotation marks ( & ) and apostrophes. Which is great. The downside is that it can be hard to get an inch or foot mark when you need one.

Foot & inch marks

In HTML, we can use either straight quotes (" for inches, ' feet) or their slightly-slanted equivalents, called primes ( & ), which are technically more correct.