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Mount Allison Faculty Association launches new site

Tantramar Interactive Inc. is pleased to announce that as a follow-up to having designed the Mount Allison Faculty Association’s (now-retired) mafanegotiations.ca a year ago, that site’s design and content has been merged with the organization’s main site, mafa.ca.

The newly-merged site has had a deep content reorganization and an HTML overhaul, bringing the fourteen-year-old site up to date.

MAFA website screenshot
MAFA website

Struts Gallery & the Owens Art Gallery launch SweetestLittleThing.ca

Struts Gallery & the Owens Art Gallery have together launched SweetestLittleThing.ca, an art auction web site in support of the 11th-annual Sweetest Little Thing, an auction/dance/cake-walk held at the Owens Art Gallery on Valentine’s Day, 2010.

The Sweetest Little Thing web site [screenshot]

The web site was designed, produced and is hosted by Tantramar Interactive Inc. of Sackville, and includes a back-end that allows Struts Gallery staff to administer the uploading of artworks for auction.

Tantramar Interactive worked closely with Gemey Kelly and Lucy MacDonald of the Owens and Amanda Dawn Christie and John Murchie of Struts on the site’s design, which incorporates caligraphy by former Tantramar Interactive Inc. staff member and Mount Allison Fine Arts alumnus Davey Thompson of Edmonton, and the splash page features a photograph by Kate Brayley and Morrea Hum of a tattoo designed by Hum.

Owens Art Gallery launches new site

Tantramar Interactive is proud to announce the launch of the new Owens Art Gallery web site. The site was launched as part of the Owens’ annual open house, and was on display in the main gallery.

The Owens Art Gallery's new web site [screenshot]

The site, which was designed and produced by Tantramar Interactive, has been set up so that the staff of the Owens can maintain it themselves.

The site uses Google Calendar, making the Owens’ events and exhibitions available on the site and through RSS.

Queen’s University Launches New Courseware Templates

Queen’s University’s Faculty of Education has once again turned to Tantramar Interactive.

The Office of Continuing Teacher Education approached us with several goals. They wanted to improve the usability, accessibility and flexibility of the many online courses offered through CoursesForTeachers.ca. They also wanted to make it easier to add courses, maintain consistent formatting across courses, and simplify the process of adding content to pages.

Queen's University's Faculty of Education | Office of Continuing Teacher Education | online course template design

We designed a new Template that met all of these goals, and produced an entire course using the new Template to ensure that the systems we’d put in place held up to real-world use.

  • Queen’s University’s Faculty of Education [retired]
  • Office of Continuing Education [retired]

Previous work for Queen’s University:

Tantramar Interactive Gets Kudos from Queen’s

The Queen’s University Faculty of Education has an excellent reputation among Canadian universities for delivering high-quality programs. Their website did not reflect their innovations and accomplishments. When they decided to revamp it, we were hired to provide web design, development, consulting and training, and recommendations for marketing and branding.

Queen's University's Faculty of Education home page | featuring quote from Dean Rosa Bruno-Jofré

Our first step was to conduct an audit of Faculty of Education site, and its associated sites, followed by a competitive analysis.

To determine the students’ needs, we surveyed undergraduate and graduate students and conducted face-to-face interviews. We also conducted usability testing among target audiences. We interviewed faculty members and staff to gain an understanding of their needs and responsibilities in maintaining the site.

In collaboration with the Queen’s Faculty of Education team, we developed a site structure that reflected students’ needs and was easy to maintain in-house. Involving the faculty, staff, and students ensured a smooth implementation and minimum disruption.

Upon completion of the site, we conducted hands-on workshops at Queen’s. The training covered content development, usability and web standards. We also created an online Style Guide to ensure consistency and easy maintenance.

The Faculty acknowledged Tantramar Interactive on the recently-launched website.

  • Queen’s University Faculty of Education web site [retired]
  • Queen’s University — Continuing Teacher Education [retired]