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What is design? (voicemail fail edition)

I was talking to a client on the phone earlier today who told me that the last time they called (and I hadn’t been able to answer), my provider played a recorded message to the effect that “the number they’d called was not in service” or that my number “does not exist in the system”… Read more »

The frustrations of carousels

This is too good not to share: shouldiuseacarousel.com (Spoiler alert: no, you shouldn’t.)

Adobe Apps don’t support Time Machine or Migration Assistant copying

Just learned that Adobe applications cannot be moved from one machine to another, via Time Machine or the Migration Assistant. They must be reinstalled from scratch. Unlike, say, Microsoft Office, Apple’s Final Cut Studio, or pretty much anything else. Of course, the only indication of a problem is the fact that it wouldn’t accept my… Read more »