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“Should I upgrade to Windows 10?”

That’s a complicated question that a number of people have asked me. It’s free (for a while, at least), and your Windows PC is probably pestering you relentlessly to upgrade to Windows 10.

These days, “free” often means you’re paying with something other than cash — typically your time & attention (via advertising) or by relinquishing your privacy (by allowing 3rd parties to know about you, you relationships with others, and your tastes & interests). …keep reading “Should I upgrade to Windows 10?” >

1Password review at Macworld.com

1password.pngJohn Brandon has posted a glowing review of Agile Web Solutions’ 1Password 3 at Macworld.com.

1Password is simply indispensable. It runs on Apple’s Mac OS X (in Safari, Firefox and Chrome), in iOS (for iPod touch, iPhone and iPad), for Microsoft Windows and, via 1Passwordanywhere, via the web (providing access for Linux users and Mac & PC users when they’re not at their own computers).

1Password has many things going for it:

  1. Less-filling, tastes great — it’s both convenient to use and highly secure (the holy grail of security in any context)
  2. Encourages security, rewards laziness — 1Password makes it easy to use a different, high-quality password at every site you frequent (by generating them for you automatically, avoiding the dangerous tendency to recycle the same password at multiple sites)
  3. Anti-phishing protection — by using pattern-matching to only show you the appropriate logins for the site you’re on, it will recognize when you’ve been lured onto a site that’s masquerading as your bank or sears.ca and won’t provide your login credentials.
  4. Cheaper than the alternatives — It costs much less than the time and hassles involved with compromised online banking or ecommerce accounts
  5. Active development — Agile Web Solutions has always provided timely updates for new browsers and operating systems — this is one of the most actively-developed apps that I use daily