Clearing your browser cache

What it browser cache?

In the name of speed and efficiency, web browsing software — browsers — keep local copies of every page you visit (along with the graphics and other resources on the page). The result is that other pages on the site load faster because their shared assets have already been downloaded, and revisiting pages you’ve already downloaded is almost instantaneous.

The trouble is that these local copies don’t reflect changes made on the server-side versions after they were downloaded (or cached).

If you’ve cached a site’s contents by visiting it, then you or your development team updates the site, your locally-cached content is out-dated, and you may have to clear your cache to see the newer version on the server (depending on how stubborn your browser happens to be).

How can I make sure I’m seeing the latest content?

Now there’s a site with browser-specific instructions (including mobile browsers) on how to clear your cache: