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Google Analytics has been removed

I’ve been considering doing this for a while. The controversy surrounding Apple’s decision to enable third-party ad blockers in iOS 9 made me think more about the underlying tracking that (to me) represents one of the most objectionable elements of online advertising. As a result, I have removed Google Analytics from this site. …keep reading Google Analytics has been removed >

Converting phone numbers to links using Grep in BBEdit

When I want to turn phone numbers in web copy into tappable links for smartphones — without relying on mobile browsers to do so — this regular expression saves me a lot of time. Simple search-and-replace fails because if the formatting varies even a little from number to number it becomes a time-consuming, manual process.

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Why I deleted my PayPal account

Recent change in terms of service

Despite follow-up claims that it’s possible to opt-out, PayPal recently announced that, as part of their separation from eBay, their new terms of service allow them to call or text you. You can agree or you can delete your account. And if you thought you could get around that by not sharing your unlisted cell phone number, well, that’s just adorable, because apparently they have ways of finding out.

Whether this claim is true or not, this is a staggering level of arrogance.

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