Times & prices

There’s a lot of unnecessary cruft that finds its way into our web pages, and ruthlessly trimming it out doesn’t just help by reducing word-count — it makes things much less cluttered and easier to understand more quickly. Everybody wins.


With times, omit extraneous, unnecessary junk like :00… if you’re listing events that all start and end on the hour, omit the colon and minutes. Leave them in, for consistency of spacing and alignment, if some events start on the quarter- or half-hour.

If an event is clearly happening during the day-time, dispense with am/pm, even if it straddles the noon-hour. As long as it’s unambiguous, shorter is alway better:

Good (consistent, unambiguous) Better (simpler) Best (short)
8:00 am–10:00 am 8–10 am 8–10
11:00 am–2:15 pm 11 am–2:15 pm 11–2:15
12:30 pm–5:00 pm 12:30–5 pm 12:30–5

Note: where you could read a range as, for example, “8 to 10”, the word to can be replaced with an en-dash (with no spaces): “8–10”.


  • The same principal applies to prices: if everything is in round numbers, leave off the zeros.
  • Always include the currency, and don’t assume that people know what currency $ (dollars) is. (Is it Canadian, American, or Australian?) If visitors will be expected to do conversions, either supply a calculator, or provide a link to one.