About domain names & renewals

Summary — CIRA (the Canadian Internet Registration Authority) mandates that you, as Registrant, be notified directly of your domain’s upcoming expiry by the Registrar (Webnames.ca, typically), but your hosting arrangement with Tantramar Interactive Inc. means that domain renewals are handled for you.

Some organizations will take advantage of confusion around — or unfamiliarity with — this process, hoping you’ll mistakenly assume they’re your Registrar. This mistake can be costly.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is the people-friendly version of your website’s address (as opposed to its server’s internet protocol address, which is numeric).

This site’s domain name is tantramarinteractive.com — though there are also related domains, like tantramar.ca and tantramar.com that redirect traffic here.

I got email urging me to renew my domain name; what do I do?

The history

At one time, renewal reminders were only sent to a domain’s Billing Contact. Usually this would be Tantramar Interactive Inc., as domains were registered on customers’ behalf.

The change

The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) now mandates that third-party Registrars (such as Webnames.ca) remind domain Registrants (you, the Admin Contact or owner) directly.

The result

Getting this reminder naturally leads Registrants to assume that the responsibility to renew lies with them, but this is handled for you as part of your hosting service with Tantramar Interactive Inc.

The process

Rather than relying on emailed reminders, Tantramar Interactive Inc. renews all customer domains in bulk on a weekly, just-in-time basis. This process is efficient, very low risk, and has been in place since 2000, when Tantramar Interactive Inc. began using Vancouver-based Webnames.ca as its domain registrar.

Through volume pricing, Tantramar Interactive Inc. is able to buy domains at bulk rates and bundles this expense into your website hosting fees, simplifying your invoices, and saving you time & money.

The email wasn’t from Webnames.ca; what do I do?

Organizations — some legitimate, other not — prey on people’s fears by cold-calling domain registrants urging them to renew their domains. While they may be offering a legitimate service, they often portray themselves as having an established business relationship with you when they do not.

More importantly, Tantramar Interactive Inc. includes domain name registration and renewal in your annual hosting fees, so whether these firms’ registration fees are competitive or not isn’t the issue — you would only be adding additional costs on top of what you’re now paying.

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