iPad apps: best I’ve found so far

@savoieadam was wondering what to get for his iPad, which prompted me to post this (I’d been meaning to anyway, since people keep asking…) To keep this short, I’ll limit it to iPad-specific apps, and leave out the iPhone apps I’m using. As on iTunes, “+” indicates universal iPad/iPhone/iPod apps.

Productivity Apps

News Apps

  • bbc_news.pngBBC News + — best news app I’ve found yet.
  • NPR for iPad — very nice
  • Editors’ Choice (NY Times) — weird leading issue (extra space before last line of every paragraph) makes it irritating to use. Call me fussy; polish matters.
  • WeatherBug Elite — nice; not sure I need the map; still looking for the perfect weather app that does metric.


Social Media

Reference Apps

Downloaded, installed, deleted

  • GoodReader — bizarre interface
  • National Geographic World Atlas HD — what is this for??
  • Astronomy Picture of the Day
  • Globe & Mail’s Globe2Go — indecipherable
  • NYTimes Crosswords
  • Tweeps
  • Reuters News Pro
  • Pulse News Reader

Anxiously Awaiting…

  • Reeder — currently in Apple approval hell
  • MarsEdit for iPad (unannounced, but fingers crossed)
  • Analytics Pro
  • Twitter (née Tweetie; for Mac and iPad) — currently in development hell
  • Billings
  • CBC Radio
  • CBC News app (mobile sites only get you so far…)
  • FlickIt Pro
  • Skype
  • Pastebot/Convertbot/Tweetbot
  • TED

…and why did Apple leave out…

  • a clock?
  • a calculator?
  • a notes app? (not that I like theirs…)
  • Messages? (could’ve included it on the 3G model…)
  • Compass?
  • Weather?
  • Stocks? (again, not that I’d use it, but…)