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iCloud migration resources

Like many people, I’ve had some issues with the migration from MobileMe (and .Mac before that and iTools before that) to iCloud, and as I happen to be the sort of person people come to with questions about this, I thought I’d collect a few useful links here: iCloud Forgets to Keep it Simple by… Read more »

iPad apps 9 months later

An update on the iPad apps I have installed, 9 months after getting an iPad

iPad apps: best I’ve found so far

@savoieadam was wondering what to get for his iPad, which prompted me to post this (I’d been meaning to anyway, since people keep asking…) To keep this short, I’ll limit it to iPad-specific apps, and leave out the iPhone apps I’m using. As on iTunes, “+” indicates universal iPad/iPhone/iPod apps. Productivity Apps Things for iPad… Read more »

Handedness and the iPad

One of the interesting things I’ve noticed about the iPad is how I’m left-handed on it. Someone commented the other day that they found using a computer difficult because they were left-handed. That seemed odd to me, since I’m predominantly left handed and I’ve never found it to be a problem on a computer. It… Read more »

iWork syncing on the iPad

It’s 2010. There are no flying cars, but we’re living in the future. You can tell because people keep pointing to the iPad as proof. But the future isn’t perfect. There have been rumblings about the clumsiness of document synchronization between the Mac and iPad with iWork documents from Keynote, Pages and Numbers. John Gruber… Read more »