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Hazel rule for deleting OmniFocus backups (without deleting them all)

David Sparks (@macsparky) and Katie Floyd (@katiefloyd) over at Mac Power Users covered a lot of great Hazel tips for those looking to automate the more mundane (yet important) aspects of electronic file management in episode 79 of the Mac Power Users podcast. Check it out. Subscribe. The problem As the owner of a MacBook… Read more »

iCloud migration resources

Like many people, I’ve had some issues with the migration from MobileMe (and .Mac before that and iTools before that) to iCloud, and as I happen to be the sort of person people come to with questions about this, I thought I’d collect a few useful links here: iCloud Forgets to Keep it Simple by… Read more »

1Password review at Macworld.com

John Brandon has posted a glowing review of Agile Web Solutions’ 1Password 3 at Macworld.com. 1Password is simply indispensable. It runs on Apple’s Mac OS X (in Safari, Firefox and Chrome), in iOS (for iPod touch, iPhone and iPad), for Microsoft Windows and, via 1Passwordanywhere, via the web (providing access for Linux users and Mac… Read more »

Widescreen editing in Coda 1.6

Using Coda 1.6 from Panic under Mac OS X on a widescreen display is great, since you can see so much code at once. I like to see a visual preview of my page while I’m editing, though, and that doesn’t fit so well with Coda’s 1-window approach. Or does it?