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In review: Creating Flow with OmniFocus

Creating flow with OmniFocusIn review: Creating Flow with OmniFocus: a good review by J. Eddie Smith, IV, of an excellent book by Kourosh Dini on OmniFocus.

I agree with Smith, by the way, that the iBooks experience with this eBook is excellent. Dini makes Creating Flow with OmniFocus available in a number of electronic formats, though, and his customer service is excellent.

Twitterrific 4.0 for Mac: a brief review

Twitter’s popularity continues to grow, second only to Facebook in terms of the sheer number of users. The Twitter.com website offers a sophisticated interface, but there’s a healthy community of third-party developers providing apps that access Twitter’s features on the desktop and on mobile platforms.

TwitterrificThe Apple ecosystem has been blessed with a number of really solid Twitter clients for Mac OS X and iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch), and one of the best — Twitterrific (which was featured among Macworld’s “10 best reading and productivity apps for 2010”) — has just released a major new version for Mac OS X. …keep reading Twitterrific 4.0 for Mac: a brief review >