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Hazel rule for deleting OmniFocus backups (without deleting them all)

David Sparks (@macsparky) and Katie Floyd (@katiefloyd) over at Mac Power Users covered a lot of great Hazel tips for those looking to automate the more mundane (yet important) aspects of electronic file management in episode 79 of the Mac Power Users podcast. Check it out. Subscribe.

The problem

As the owner of a MacBook Air, I was looking to keep a lid on the size of OmniFocus’ backups directory. As an example of how this can get out-of-hand, on my iMac this directory had nearly 900 files (dating back more than 3 years), and had swelled to over 70 GB. This was choking my Time Machine drive to death, and clearly wouldn’t make the tiny, SSD on my MacBook Air very happy. …keep reading Hazel rule for deleting OmniFocus backups (without deleting them all) >

Linking to Mailboxes from OmniFocus

Keeping an eye on spam

As part of my daily routine, which is based on Daily Morning Review Routine with OmniFocus, at Simplicity Is Bliss by Sven Fechner, I check my spam folders for false positives — messages that got mistakenly flagged as spam.

Because I use C-Command Software’s excellent SpamSieve Mail plug-in on my MacBook, I don’t spend much time worrying about spam, but every once in a while something from a client gets caught in its filters. To keep this from turning into a big deal, I give my spam folder a cursory glance every day or so.

At least I used to. …keep reading Linking to Mailboxes from OmniFocus >

In review: Creating Flow with OmniFocus

Creating flow with OmniFocusIn review: Creating Flow with OmniFocus: a good review by J. Eddie Smith, IV, of an excellent book by Kourosh Dini on OmniFocus.

I agree with Smith, by the way, that the iBooks experience with this eBook is excellent. Dini makes Creating Flow with OmniFocus available in a number of electronic formats, though, and his customer service is excellent.