Thaddeus Holownia has worked with Tantramar Interactive Inc. since 2001, and has just unveiled his site’s second major redesign. screenshots on desktop, tablet, & phone

The 2001 design (and the minor 2007 update that mainly widened the layout for larger screens) was all about showcasing Holownia’s photographs. This time there were two driving factors — implementing a broader content-management solution (beyond the database-driven media management previously in place) and adapting the site to smaller screens.

Holownia’s photographs remain front-and-centre, but with new page layouts and typography that adapt to the size and orientation of the device the site’s accessed with.

Typography has always played a prominent role in Holownia’s projects, and his website is no different. 13 years ago the idea of professional typography for the web meant a trip to Photoshop to make words into images (an accessibility and search engine headache); today it means loading fonts live, making everything that much more flexible, adaptable, and search engine-friendly.