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Launch of Alex Colville’s official website

It is with great pride that Tantramar Interactive Inc. announces the launch of AlexColville.ca, the first official website of Canadian artist Alex Colville. A long-time resident of Sackville and faculty member at Mount Allison University, Colville’s work is recognized internationally.

As a life-long admirer of Colville’s work, and a fellow graduate of Mount Allison, it was an honour to have been approached to take on this project, and designing a site that wouldn’t detract from it — while holding up against it — was daunting.

alexcolville.ca website; design by Tantramar Interactive Inc.

gallery screenshot

JulianForrest.com website refresh

Julian Forrest, Mount Allison University Fine Arts graduate and University of Alberta Assistant Professor in the Department of Fine Arts, has just added new work to his website, JulianForrest.com.

Tantramar Interactive has hosted Julian’s site site its inception in 1999, and was happy to take this opportunity to widen the page design and update the code, taking advantage of web standards to improve page-load times and ease of use.

Julian Forrest website

COMP 1631 Art Show sponsorship

Dr Laurie Ricker of the Mount Allison University Department of Mathematics and Computer Science invited Christopher Mackay of Tantramar Interactive Inc. to participate in this year’s COMP 1631 Art Show as a judge, along with Dan Vogel and Janet Crawford.

Students created artwork based on algorithms they wrote that manipulated images’ pixels, resulting in many creative and complex compositions involving chroma-key operations, transposition, colour-modification and rotation.

The event took place at Struts Gallery on Lorne Street, in Sackville, and was attended by many students, faculty and community members.

The poster for the event was designed by Tantramar Interactive Inc.

COMP 1631 Art Show [poster]