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Google Analytics has been removed

I’ve been considering doing this for a while. The controversy surrounding Apple’s decision to enable third-party ad blockers in iOS 9 made me think more about the underlying tracking that (to me) represents one of the most objectionable elements of online advertising. As a result, I have removed Google Analytics from this site. …keep reading Google Analytics has been removed >

Tantramar Interactive Inc. profiled in The Globe and Mail’s Report on Business case study

Nauman Farooqi, Professor & Head of the Department of Commerce in the Ron Joyce Centre for Business Studies at Mount Allison University, was kind enough to do a case study on Tantramar Interactive Inc. for his column in The Globe & Mail’s Report on Business.

@globeandmail’s tweet:

Working more but for less pay? It might be time to pivot @tantramar #casestudy

Read the full profile on The Globe and Mail website.

Tantramar Interactive Inc. website relaunch

A relaunch of a website should always be carefully considered. Do you adjust a little at a time or make a massive change all at once? As with most things, it depends.

The only constant is change

Consider what the web looked like when Tantramar Interactive launched this site in 1997: …keep reading Tantramar Interactive Inc. website relaunch >