Website redesign for 2020

A redesign of this website has been launched at the start of the decade.

While the site hadn’t seen a wholesale refresh since 2013, it wasn’t updated purely for the sake of looking new. Issues had cropped up with the mobile navigation (which used a technique that had never been deployed on any clients’ websites) and a content reorganization was also in order.

The new theme uses CSS Grid layout to accommodate today’s huge range of screen sizes without the time-consuming hand-generation of device- or screen-width-specific (or breakpoints, as they’re often called) page layouts.

A number of light edits on older posts have been made, and the payments page has been dusted off, freshened up, and pressed back into service after a 3-year hiatus, as the software that’s been in use during that time has been put to pasture.

Oh, and the logo’s much bigger now. Because of course it is.