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Website redesign for 2020

A redesign of this website has been launched at the start of the decade. While the site hadn’t seen a wholesale refresh since 2013, it wasn’t updated purely for the sake of looking new. Issues had cropped up with the mobile navigation (which used a technique that had never been deployed on any clients’ websites)… Read more »

New post: A note on SEO

Because I’ve gotten so many questions about this, I’ve finally decided to take the time to write up my thoughts on the fear-mongering spam email messages website owners often receive. A note on search engine rankings and optimization (SEO)

It’s yours — own it

Anything you post on a 3rd-party platform — like Huffington Post, Medium, Facebook, wherever — should be published on your own platform, too.


Converting phone numbers to links using Grep in BBEdit

When I want to turn phone numbers in web copy into tappable links for smartphones — without relying on mobile browsers to do so — this regular expression saves me a lot of time. Simple search-and-replace fails because if the formatting varies even a little from number to number it becomes a time-consuming, manual process.

PDFs make your website harder to use

Summary — Publishing PDFs on your website may save you time and effort, but your visitors pay a heavy price. With rare exceptions, it’s not worth the trade-off. When it comes to publishing on the web, PDF files are rarely the answer. The question is should I post a PDF? No is (almost always) the… Read more »