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Alex Colville, 1920–2013

Saddened to post news of the death of a great Canadian artist tonight on AlexColville.ca. @tantramar

Tantramar Interactive gives a hoot (or two)

Tantramar Interactive is pleased to be able to support the Sackville Community Garden. A pair of scarecrows — in the form of plastic predatory owls with articulated heads — now stand watch over the garden. Links: Sackville Community Garden blog Sackville Community Garden (Town of Sackville)

Owens Art Gallery launches new site

Tantramar Interactive is proud to announce the launch of the new Owens Art Gallery web site. The site was launched as part of the Owens’ annual open house, and was on display in the main gallery. The site, which was designed and produced by Tantramar Interactive, has been set up so that the staff of the Owens… Read more »

Dr Lary Trites builds on previous site

Sackville dentist Dr Lary Trites has updated his web site with a new, easy-to-use design, appointment and contact forms. His site is now hosted with Tantramar Interactive Inc. Dr Lary Trites’ dental practice website