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Do you want to blend in or stand out?

While the tweet quoted here is explicitly about the design of typefaces, it applies to design in general: Remember, as a client commissioning type, it won’t express anything special or unique about you if it looks the same as everyone else. Gareth Hague

Loving a design…

Loving a website’s “design” — when you actually love its placeholder photos — is like loving a novel because it opens with “Lorem ipsum…” @tantramar

COMP 1631 Art Show sponsorship

Dr Laurie Ricker of the Mount Allison University Department of Mathematics and Computer Science invited Christopher Mackay of Tantramar Interactive Inc. to participate in this year’s COMP 1631 Art Show as a judge, along with Dan Vogel and Janet Crawford. Students created artwork based on algorithms they wrote that manipulated images’ pixels, resulting in many creative and complex compositions involving chroma-key operations, transposition, colour-modification… Read more »