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1Password review at

1password.pngJohn Brandon has posted a glowing review of Agile Web Solutions’ 1Password 3 at

1Password is simply indispensable. It runs on Apple’s Mac OS X (in Safari, Firefox and Chrome), in iOS (for iPod touch, iPhone and iPad), for Microsoft Windows and, via 1Passwordanywhere, via the web (providing access for Linux users and Mac & PC users when they’re not at their own computers).

1Password has many things going for it:

  1. Less-filling, tastes great — it’s both convenient to use and highly secure (the holy grail of security in any context)
  2. Encourages security, rewards laziness — 1Password makes it easy to use a different, high-quality password at every site you frequent (by generating them for you automatically, avoiding the dangerous tendency to recycle the same password at multiple sites)
  3. Anti-phishing protection — by using pattern-matching to only show you the appropriate logins for the site you’re on, it will recognize when you’ve been lured onto a site that’s masquerading as your bank or and won’t provide your login credentials.
  4. Cheaper than the alternatives — It costs much less than the time and hassles involved with compromised online banking or ecommerce accounts
  5. Active development — Agile Web Solutions has always provided timely updates for new browsers and operating systems — this is one of the most actively-developed apps that I use daily

Adobe Apps don’t support Time Machine or Migration Assistant copying

Just learned that Adobe applications cannot be moved from one machine to another, via Time Machine or the Migration Assistant.

They must be reinstalled from scratch. Unlike, say, Microsoft Office, Apple’s Final Cut Studio, or pretty much anything else.

Of course, the only indication of a problem is the fact that it wouldn’t accept my serial number. Providing a reason would be… reasonable.


Seems like something they could maybe mention on their FAQ pages for “having trouble with my serial number” or “how we abuse people who actually pay for their software”.